14./15. Sept WAE SSB PJ2P M/S:

Band QSO QTC Mult Result Call QSO Score
80 128 0 31 # 1  V55V
40 518 241 40 # 2  9K2HN  3179 3.156.390
20 1041 969 46 # 3  PJ2P  3075 2.753.000
15 1069 1180 48 # 4
10 319 90 32 # 5
Total 3075 2480 496 #


This time my visit at PJ2T was a work trip. The main goal was to change the Europe antenna on the ridge from a trap antenna to the Skyhawk Bencher. Now this antenna can be used by 3 stations at once because we have installed a triplexer!

After that I had the honour to test this new installation in the WAE. And it worked very well!
I have chosen M/S because I wanted to operate as much as possible. Wayne, K8LEE helped me a bit in the morning so I was able to get my breakfast.
The second night I took a nap, a bit longer than I wanted. But after that I felt much better and had no problems to stay awake for the remaining time.

The conditions were much better than expected. Even 10m worked for a while on both days. On Saturday I had an opening to DL only. I sounded like a local
German test, weird. Only in the afternoon it was a bit slow when 20 did not work well and 15 was nearly done.

I should have taken more pressure to the QTCs. After the first day I was 600 QTCs behind. The second day I took more care about that but I still got 600
QTCs left.

This score is close to the SA record. But I guess it will not stay after log checking.

Thanks to the CCC that I was allowed to use their super-station!
And thank YOU for all the QSOs!



13./14. July    IARU HF  DA2C (DL8OBQ) SSB HP: 

Band QSO Zone HQ Result Call QSO Mult Score
160 20 1 18 #
80 59 6 28 #
40 75 15 29 #
20 953 41 30 #
15 388 32 20 #
10 233 11 21 #
Total 1728 106 146 #

Still one of my favorite contests cause of the 24h period. I didn’t operate full time because I did some construction work at home the week before and I was too tired.

No problems with the station this year, only main tower has mechanical issue and I couldn’t crank it up to highest position.
Unfortunately I left the beverage coupler at home so I did only S&P on low bands to get the mults.

Thanks for the QSOs and CU in the next!



++++++++                 2013                 +++++++++


14./15. July    IARU HF  DA2C (DL8OBQ) SBB HP: 

Band QSO Zone HQ Result Call QSO Mult Score
160 27 5 12 #
80 110 11 18 #
40 210 16 32 #
20 604 30 28 #
15 404 30 26 #
10 122 15 20 #
Total 1477 111 135 #

After the announcement of the upcoming sun flair I was surprised about the good conditions on Saturday.

I enjoyed a good run on 15m for some hours. But when I went to 20m I got a problem while turning the antenna. The coax broke! I was thinking about driving home. It’s not fun to climb the tower during the rain. But then I fixed it temporally and left the antenna beaming US. So I could work some DX on 40m. But on Sunday the conditions were bad so I could not work many DX on 20m.

After the contest I checked the cluster for my spots. I like to read what people say about my signal. I checked also DH8BQA and noticed that there weren’t many real DX spots for him. Mainly DL’s! All call signs are member of his club or club calls. Also 10min after the test he was active with his own call in the cluster. I wrote him a mail but got no answer. So I wrote another mail to the ARRL.

Some years ago I got a similar case. I was with DL6LAU at PJ2P and operating the WAE. During the contest we figured out that another station from the Caribbean was using self-spotting. We ask them to stop. But then they started to spot us by using our call! So it looked like we were doing self-spotting. After the test we got the IP list and it was very clear: e.g. there was a spot from a LZ: loud in EU. But the IP was not from Europe. We have send the list to the WAE committee. They did not took any action. But we won (very close)!

The WAE allows the use of cluster and that might it be harder to decide.

The IARU HF does not allow cluster for Single-Op at all. I will wait and see…

73, Uli



26./27. May    CQ-WPX-CW  DA2C (DK3DM) SO-SB 20m HP:

Claimed EU
QSOs Prefix Points
2297 1043  5,258,806
DA2C 2346 1008  5,019,840
UW2M 2250 1044  4,658,328
RC0F 1721 817 3,410,975
LZ5W 1427 781 2,056,075

WoooooW ! That was fun! Never thought it would be possible to do 5 Mio Points in this one on 20m from good old Germany. Especially the first 10h with a rate of 100/h were fantastic!

Set my goal to overcome the actual DL record of 3.34 Mio Points and that was done quite easy with that nice condx we had this weekend. 20m was a absolutly nighttime DX band this weekend for me. There was propagation all 24h a day, but DX came in best at nighttime. Most of the time the band was open to JA & USA at the same time.

The station played with only one problem, which I could not resolve before the contest. The TRX was not switching on the PTT for the AMP fast enough and the only solution I found was to use the footswitch all the time, I wanted to transmit. So this gave me some more coordination work to do 😉 But it was not the most relaxing operating of course…

I hope to meet all again very soon. Vy 73 de Heiko, DK3DM


24./25. March CQ-WPX-SSB  DA2C (DK3DM) SO-SB(A) 20m HP:

Band QSO Dupe Prefix   Points  Avg
20 1925 59 941 3894 2.02

TOTAL SCORE : 3 664 254

Not a total serious one. On Time 29 hours only. Many thanks to all for the QSOs and hear you in the next one.