CQWWDX SSB Multi/Single


2008 I went again to Antigua. This time I used KLM instead of British Airways. BA now needs 2 days to get there because you have to stay one night in London.

But I was not very lucky on my arrival anyways. There was a hurrican in the carribean and they canceled all flights from St.Maarten for 2 days. So I had to stay there. On the flight back home everything was fine.

I was about 2 weeks on Antigua. We had to fix all antenna. They were in pretty bad shape. Especially the 2el for 40m.

I operated a bit in the WAG for fun. The CQWWDX was not so good cause of the poor conditions. But it was fun anyways.

I have put a lot of pictures on this side. Now I’ve got a much better camera than I used in 2000. Many pictures are from a round trip to Shirley’s Heights and our hotel resort. It is a pretty nice place to stay!


Team of V26B: Brian-N3OC, Bob-W3BZR, Dale-N3BNA, Sam-WT3Q and Uli-DL8OBQ

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