1992/93 we made big changes at our setup. We improved a lot at the antenna setup. First we used 4×9 el. Yagis, vertical stacked and rotable by armstrong rotator. That worked good, but not good enough. So we tried to stack 8×9 el. Yagi.

The first setup was a bit tricky but after some other ones we got enough practice to do it well. The tower of the antenna was homemade and about 22m high. It was rotable by armstrong.

There were some ’smaller‘ antenna systems also to fixed directions. We were transmitting all the time at all antennas. For listing we could use each of them separatly.

We needed one day to get all this antenna stuff up. At the end of the contest we had to bring everything down. Therefore we needed only 4-5 hours.

1995 was our best year. We won the March and May 2m contests in Germany. In May we made more than 1000 QSOs with abt 333.000 points.

We used a TS-850 and transverter LT2S by SSB-electronics.

Antenna were allways the 8×9 ele. Tonna and some addtional groups, e.g. 2×11-ele-M², 2×17-ele-Tonna. 2×13-ele-Tonna

Operator list (with guests):

Armin-DB6OA, Peter-DF3KV, Sebastian-DG1OAK, Uwe-DG1OBW, Detlef-DG4OBR, Henrik-DG5OBS, Klaus-DG5OBW(sk), Georg-DH2AP, Söhnke-DH6LS, Goofy-DJ9EB, Wolf-DK1IP, Heiko-DK3DM, Bernd-DK7ZH, Steve – DL1YAL, Mario-DL4MFM, Carsten-DL6LAU, Uli-DL8OBQ

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