Between 1980 and 1996 we took part in serveral VHF/UHF contests. Normally we used 2m cause the activity there is much better than on the higher bands.

All the time our activity was a fieldday operation. Only 1986 we used the home station of Willy, DG4OW. He lives close to our portable-location, but he has only a 4-element for 2m !

Normally we went to a place close to the water container of Goldbeck. You’ll find Goldbeck 10 km south of Rinteln. This location is 380m asl. Only in s/w direction are some higher trees. All other directions are free. We got power supply from a water station.

Before 1993 we used (only) one antenna. Most of the time a 20 element group. Only one time we used the DK7LM beam.

The best result during this time was a 10th place and an imaginary 9th place (we were disqualified for a mistake in our log, something removed all /p signs of the logged calls…).

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