Together with Carsten, DL6LAU and Rolf, DL3LAR I went to Dominica. It was my first trip to the caribbean. We had shiped our equipment (190kg) before via sea-freight to Guateloupe. After some days on FG we took a ferry to the small island of Dominica. 

We had a pretty nice cottage very close to the water! There were also not many other people like you see on the pictures.

It was the first time I had the Titanex V160E. I put it up for testing by myself some weeks before. On the island we tried to bring it up. The space was a bit short. We didn’t made it. 3 engineer = 3 different ideas. So we broke it! We had to shorten it to 20m. But then it worked very good on 80m! Expecially with all the close water. The pile-up to Europe was always huge. I still remember when I worked Heiko who ran a dipole with one half lying unrolled on the floor!

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