We used DR25RIN in 2008 to celebrate 25 years of the DARC OV Rinteln, H57. That’s my (Uli) hometown.

Rinteln is a small town about 90km north east of Warstein. So I need about 75-90min to get to Taubeneiche by car.

I did a lot of VHF contests together with the members of the OV Rinteln after I got my licence in 1984. We used the call DF0RI. Most of the time we used a field on a hilltop close to Rinteln.

In 1995 we got a problem with our contest place. The permission to use it was cancelled. So we had to quit.

Rinteln runs also a digipeater and a voicerepeater on UHF. Wolfgang, DG8ABC maintain it together with Hartmut from a neighbour OV.

Today the activity of the other members of H57 is low.