24/25 September: CQWW RTTY

I operated with DL8OBQ 15m HP. That was my first contest in 2011… The activity was great. 250x JA and 550x USA. Thank you!

QSOs States Cty Zone Score
ST2AR  1959  55  96 32 1.061.583
YV5T 744.315
S50R 694.785
EY0A 667.212
EB2AM 612.376
ZC4LI 611.985
Z35T 592.200
DL8OBQ 1272 57 87 32 564.080

Due to a lot of work at home (I rebuilded my home) I had not much time for ham radio in 2011. I tried to operate the IARU HF, but unfortunatly we had a problem with the power line and I could not operate at all.

In May and September we operated in some VHF tests for fun.

Begin of the year we fixed our antenna problems. The JP2000 felt down and the 10m driven element of the 16-3 Optibeam was bended. Very strange…