1. Creative CE2500E                    VB 4000 euro (only pickup)

3CX 3000A7 EIMAC Triode; 3000W out; 3-phase powersupply

Imported by SSB-Electronics, no manual available, but easy to handle/service.

I did not used it much, because no station at home and very heavy for transportation. I splitted it in two parts, but still very heavy: Powersupply: 60kg, HF-part: 47kg

It needs some work to finish: HV-connection; resistor (660W!) for start-up the transformer. At the moment I use an electrical heater for start-up.



2. 2x 2M18XXX Antenna        200 euro (each) (Pickup)

M-Square,18el 144MHz, 11m Boom, only used for portabel operations, some elements are bended

contact: uli@dl8obq.de

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