We hope you enjoy to see the pictures of our activities and to meet you on all bands !


The TCC (Taubeneiche Contest Club) was founded October 2000 by Uli-DL8OBQ and Heiko-DK3DM.

After some years of operating in VHF-Contests we got the chance of building a contest station on a farm land. The location is near the very small village of Taubeneiche on a hill top and there’s a very good take off in every direction for short wave.

We began to put up portable antennas first. After we decided that this is a good spot for a contest station we installed bigger antennas for all bands. These antennas changed a lot in the beginning because we had some heavy storm damages, but now we have antennas that stand up the high winds, hopefully…

We are active in many contests around the year. Often we operate M/S as DA2C.

From 2005 to 2010 we operated as DP4K. But we decided to change our contestcall to DA2C. We operated some special calls like DR80AMA, DR60GER, DR25RIN and DR10TCC.

We also do Single-OP with our personal calls DL8OBQ and DK3DM.

Our main Contests are: CQWWDX – IOTA – IARU-HF – WAG – Russian-DX-Contest but we do some „smaller“ Contests too, of course.

See you in the pile ups !

vy 73 de

Uli, DL8OBQ & Heiko(Bud), DK3DM